Monday, 30 September 2013

Classic Corporate gift baskets

Classic Corporate gift baskets

Giving your clients and business associates classic corporate gift baskets is always an excellent idea. Here at Corporate Conference Gifting, we understand the all important relationship between brand and product,which enables us to be able to offer you some of the greatest corporate gift baskets in South Africa.From traditional corporate gifts to fresh and new ideas, we truly do it all!
We can offer you some of the following quality gifts to put in your corporate gift basket for your next business function or event:
·  Branded memory sticks: This useful gift will also force the client to think of your business when he or she uses it. Remember that it is always best to give a corporate giftthat the client will actually be able to use
·  Mouse and Mouse Pad: A mouse and mouse pad will always be made use of and is very easy to brand, making it the ideal corporate giftfor any business function
·  Promotional advertising pens are both inexpensive and highly effective to get your brand into the market. Why reinvent the wheel? The promotional advertising pen has been a firm favourite promotional gift, has been tried and tested and has proven to be a successful marketing tool.
We have an extensive range of environmentally friendly recycled items as well. To view so many more of our options for, please feel free to browse our comprehensive website further.
Everybody knows that, here at Corporate Conference Gifting, we offer you some of the best corporate gifts in South Africa.Our gifts range from traditional corporate gifts and t-shirt printing, to more ‘out there’ type of corporate gifts ideas that we know you will love. When it comes to creativity, affordability and durability, our promotional and corporate gift baskets are always sure to impress!
Give us a call now to learn more about our range of corporate gift baskets and our more creative business promotional giftsIt is time to remind your clients and business associates why they chose to do business with you in the first place!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

What Should I Know About Corporate Gift Baskets

What Should I Know About Corporate Gift Baskets?

What is a corporate gift basket? What could I put in my company’s corporate gift basket and when is the best time to distribute it? In today’s competitive market, it has become paramount to answer these and other questions regarding your brand with creativity in mind. Innovative ways to market your brand on various platforms are emerging daily, and a corporate gift basket is one of them.
To loosely define a corporate gift basket: When we think of a gift basket, a basket full of goodies we enjoy generally comes to mind, and a corporate gift basket is the same concept. The only differences are that a package of branded items is given away, usually as an incentive to a purchaser/associate or for trade name awareness. The items could be utility items rather than confectionery items, but a corporate gift basket may contain anything from biscuits and chocolates to clothing. They are sponsored by your business and can be given away at exhibitions, conferences, pageants, golf days or as prizes at competitions. It is important to be creative and unique with yourideas, so that the recipients, whoever they are, will remember your name and speak of it fondly for quite some time. Some may argue that a personal touch is more valuable than anything else.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Nuvation’s vision is to provide Africa with premium eco-friendlyproducts to enrich the lives of her people

 Corporate Conference Gifting's vision is to provide Africa with Nuvation’s premium eco-friendly products to enrich the lives of her people.
We are proud to present one of our exciting products in our solar and eco product range.
The cost effective Supa Sola Lamp TM has been designed and developed to provide the user with a cost effecting, eco friendly solution to various basic everyday needs.
Supa Sola Lamp TM is a solar charger, crank charger, LED lamp and torch, radio and emergency alarm all in one!

Harnessing the power of the sun, the Supa Sola LampTM gives you a multitude of uses including:
  • 2 x Solar panels to charge up the internal battery pack and any mobile phone or other hand held device.
  • Hand crank to charge up the internal battery pack and any mobile phone or other hand held device.
  • Wall socket/USB cable to charge up the internal battery pack and mobile device.
  • Adjustable LED desk/reading lamp with stand
  • LED Torch
  • FM Radio
  • Emergency Siren