Monday, 27 January 2014

Your Year End Function and the Corporate Gift Basket

Your Year End Function and the Corporate Gift Basket

As December approaches us, you are probably planning your company’s year end function. But how exactly can you make a positive, lasting impression on your guests? The key is to pay attention to the corporate gifts. Why not consider the corporate gift basket approach? Here at Corporate Conference Gifting, we have been in the industry of business promotional gifts for many years now – and we know what works. The corporate gift basket is the king of corporate gifts in South Africa!
So, what makes the corporate gift basket so very special? Well, for starters, the number one advantage is the fact that it provides the receiver with plenty of variety. Instead of one small gift, the receiver enjoys many. Even though there are more gifts included in a corporate gift basket, it need not cost you more than any other corporate gift. If you make strategic choices, you can make the gift basket look expensive, thoughtful and professional without having to pay a fortune. Luckily, here at Corporate Conference Gifting, we can supply you with a broad range of options for your gift basket, all of which can be customised and personalised to fit in with your company personality. We are able to brand practically anything – from pens and bags to corporate clothing wear. The options are truly endless.
If you are still keen on one corporate gift instead of a corporate gift basket, we suggest that you opt for eco friendly gifts. Although these ‘green’ gifts may cost a little more, they are definitely worth every penny – and here’s why: Showing your clients and business associates that your company is aware of all of the environmental concerns and that you are taking an interest in ‘doing your part’ is always a good idea. ‘Going green’ may fulfil your corporate social responsibility and it is currently a massive trend as well. When giving eco friendly gifts, you can always expect a positive reaction.
Along with corporate gifts for guests at your year end function, we are also able to supply our clients with classic end of year incentive gifts. Incentive gifts are generally given to employees as a way to say ‘thank you’ for the hard work and also as a way to motivate them to continue to work hard for the company in the future. If you want to keep your employees inspired, happy and working as a team, we have precisely what you need!

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